Toddler’s room to Big Girl’s room

Big girl’s room in different angles

As kids get older, their needs change constantly.  I myself experience this all the time.  Like for kids’ bedrooms, I constantly end up changing it depending on their needs.  For this particular room, it used to be a baby room transformed into a toddler room and sometimes it doubled as a guest room.  But when one of my kids turned 7, she wanted her own room that “didn’t look like it was for babies” (her own words).

I didn’t buy any new furniture.  My best friend for this project was the term “up-cycle”.  I just re-arranged the furniture, re-purposed some cabinets/shelves, and got a few accents for a more mature theme and feel.

My daughter chose the beddings she wanted.  I made one of the cabinets into a mini dresser for her to be able to put her girly accessories, jewelry box, and whatever she felt like putting in there.  It had a mirror so that she could fix herself up.  Then I added a fury white rug to give it more of a fashion loving feel to it when she sits there.

One of the shelves were no longer toy shelves, but instead became a place where she could put her school stuff for better organization.

Then I just removed anything that looked like “toddler stuff”.  The toddler table was re-purposed as a temporary study table.  I changed the stools to white to make it less pink.  Since we didn’t have any headboard and we had to put the bed against the window, I put two cabinets together to serve as a headboard.

toddler's room
Before (when it was a toddler/guest room)

I didn’t want to spend too much on the room transformation because I knew this room would serve a different purpose sooner or later for whatever reason.

So if you plan on fixing up a room in your house, try to think of what you can use again.  You may not need to buy new stuff and spend a fortune.  A little creativity may go a long way.

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