Using inhalers – made easy!

035D0001-A- PARIchamber Anleitung EN SCREEN

Ok, so I always thought that MDI’s (metered dose inhalers) were just for those with asthma.  I thought wrong.  Just recently it came to my knowledge that these inhalers have the same purpose and effect as nebulizers.   People (or kids) who use ventolin as a treatment for their cough may use either a nebulizer or an inhaler.

Although when I look at people using the inhaler, it seemed so difficult to use for kids.  The Pari Chamber helps with that.  These spacers are connected between the MDI and the mouth.  Spacers increase the quantity of respirable particles (<5um) through the evaporation of the propellant droplets containing the active substance.  This evaporation and the slowing down of the particles in the spacer reduces oropharyngeal deposition and increases pulmonary deposition.  In other words, it lets the medicine go to the lungs and doesn’t get stuck near your throat as what happens when MDI’s are used without spacers.

035G2020 PARI chamber Ladybug 25%

The unique feature of this chamber is their Cyclon (the green rubber cap at the bottom).   A twist principle assists transportation of small aerosol droplets to the lungs- better mixture of air with aerosol.  With this, it lets young ones breathe normally through the mask or mouth piece without having to coordinate it with pressing the metal canister.  This patented cyclone twist also results in less dead space minimizing wasted aerosol.  Patients/users are able to receive maximum benefits of the medicine.

pari chamber grows with you per age.jpg

Another great thing about it is that it’s very light (close to weighing nothing) and I can carry it in my bag without worrying if there’s a plug/socket, batteries, or getting it wet.  This just makes using an MDI 100% simpler and easier for young kids, even babies!  As they say, this product grows with you.  Babies use the ladybug mask, toddlers use the frog mask, and 4 years and older forego masks and just use its mouthpiece.  The frog mask though still fits my 5 year old and she prefers that-so we still use the mask up to this day.


We recently went on a family trip and the Pari Chamber was a savior.   My daughter needed to nebulize 3x a day.  Instead of bringing a nebulizer, I brought this chamber when we’d go explore the city and go out for the day.  I just had it in my bag (in a ziplock) so wherever we were, my daughter was still up to date with her medication.  We used it in the plane, hotel, train, and restaurants.  She only needed to take 4-6 deep breaths per spray.  Did this twice in one sitting and she’s done. How simple was that!?

035D0001-A- PARIchamber Anleitung EN SCREEN B

So happy to learn something new everyday.

Pari air chambers and nebulizers are from Germany and they are available in Manila, distributed by @mamagrade.  You can find them on Instagram and Facebook.

Always love finding great products for my kids 🙂

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