Hi-5 Themed Birthday


So here’s how I made a Hi-5 party for my little toddler.  If you’ve seen my other posts, you’ll know that I’m not the type to go over the top for kiddie parties and I’m more on the practical side ensuring the kids enjoy more than the grown ups since the party is for them.

First off, the cake.  My daughter was so ecstatic to see her birthday cake shaped as the Hi-5 logo.  Next would be to focus on things that she would notice (meaning everything at her eye level).  So I made the living room very colorful to go with the theme.

Main activity was the big TV playing Hi-5 episodes.  The kids were dancing and singing their hearts out during the party.  And yes, the boys and girls knew all the songs!!!


I also made different play stations for the kids.  Play dough station, cooking station, blocks station, pool of balls station, and another sensory play station.  Plain and simple.  I put everything kids their age like playing with in one room and success!  I had a room filled with very happy toddlers with very very big smiles on their faces.

For the food, I prepared food I saw the kids eat in school to be sure they liked it.  Spaghetti, carbonara, chicken nuggets, hotdogs, french fries, cookies, noodles, and pizza.  To make it a bit healthy, I used the air fryer and baked some.

That’s how I made a stress-free, colorful, joyful, noisy, active, & fun Hi-5 party that was a hit for all the kids.  Can’t wait for the next!


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