Home-made Thin Crust Anchovy Pizza


For those who aren’t aware, it’s very simple to make pizza at home.  You don’t need a stone brick oven, nor do you need a big oven to cook some pizza.  Littlexperiences now shares how to get some yummy pizza on the table in minutes using a toaster oven.  We always like doing things while making it into a learning activity for the little ones.  As we always say, we learn from our Little Experiences…Read More »

Let’s get organized

I’m getting the hang of doing some DIY’s lately.  This project I’m about to share is one of my favorites.  So simple yet so pretty and convenient.

I had a difficult time keeping my ribbons organized.  Couldn’t keep them in one place and just find them scattered all over.

One day I decided it was time for a change and do some organizing.

I got a plastic bin with holes at Japan home for88 pesos.  Then got some bbq sticks, cut the pointed ends, and stuck all the ribbons by size.  Then I put a couple inches of the ribbons inside the holes of the bins for easy access in getting them.

Don't they just look so pretty all lined up?
Here’s one of my bins, don’t they just look so pretty all lined up?

My next project is to have a craft cabinet…I’ll share it with you once its done 🙂