Home-made Thin Crust Anchovy Pizza


For those who aren’t aware, it’s very simple to make pizza at home.  You don’t need a stone brick oven, nor do you need a big oven to cook some pizza.  Littlexperiences now shares how to get some yummy pizza on the table in minutes using a toaster oven.  We always like doing things while making it into a learning activity for the little ones.  As we always say, we learn from our Little Experiences…Read More »

Where did we go? – Father’s Day 2012

We celebrated Father’s Day with a lunch buffet at Chef Jessie at the Rockwell Club.   I got an email from them showing their Father’s Day offer and I liked it.  It seemed reasonable so I made reservations 2 days ahead.

This is what they served for Father’s Day.
Their buffet set up.

This is one of our favorite restaurants ‘coz of the food and ambiance.  Great for date nights as well as family lunches…for us, its late lunches 🙂

The kids like running around the lobby of the Rockwell Club and like watching the view of the swimming pool & garden while eating.  After lunch, we went to the mall ‘coz the kids wanted to go to Gymboree.  But when we got there, it was closed.  They’re transferring it outside the mall and will be replaced by the school of rock.  So the kids decided to go to Toys R’ Us instead.

Kids had fun with their Art Activity in Toys R Us.   Then they had Ice Cream before going home.

That was it.  Just a simple celebration, family time, bonding time! Our Little Experience for the day…


How was your Father’s Day celebration?  Hope it was one great little experience such as ours 🙂

Chinese Resto Dinner with a Twist

We celebrated the birthday of my MIL at Choi Garden in Greenhills.  Before the day of the celebration, i decided to take a look at the room that was reserved for us to see if it needed some decorating.
And it did!  The room’s walls were all black and it was small.  Literally one table for 12 and a small cake table in one corner.  The rest of the space was enough for ONE person to walk around the table.
Anyway, here I am again being the “frustrated decorator” trying to make a place look a bit livelier with simple things.  Nothing extravagant.  Mostly DIY stuff.

Things I did:
1.  Chose a theme…Royal birthday. Decors/designs were colored pink and purple and a crown drawing.

2. Got 10 five-inch & 8 eleven-inch balloons with currling ribbons. Only pink and purple.

3. Made a happy bday banner, cupcake toppers, drink labels, and welcome sign.

4. Ordered a small fondant cake for blowing and a bigger strawberry shortcake to serve.

Mission accomplished.  It really looked better!

Behind the scenes in making the birthday banner, drink labels, and cupcake toppers.
Balloons taped on the black walls, Birthday Banner up, and Welcome sign on the door.  Can you imagine how small the room given to us was?
The crown for the “Queen of the night”. And our Royal drink for the night (aka Sola iced tea hehe)
Cakes: Bunny Baker themed cake, Baby Yulo’s Strawberry Shortcake (810-8078), Estrels Caramel Cake (372-2965), and Caramia cake with jello on top (sorry I forgot what the name was). Then mini and super mini cupcakes (Red Velvet and Moist Chocolate) by Roan Ang-Ngo.

My mother-in-law said it wasn’t really normal for chinese families to have something like this as they just go to the restaurant, sit down, eat, then go home.  No wonder all the waiters and managers were all peeking inside the room and smiling.  Maybe wondering what’s this crazy pregnant lady doing!?  Some even went inside the room and really looked at every detail.  The manager even thought I made the “royal drink” myself not knowing it was just Sola iced tea, lol!

Anyway, MIL was happy she felt like a kid again during the dinner with all the decors (well, at least that’s what she said …hehe).  She got shocked when she arrived and even asked my brother-in-law why the room looked different from the outside and even left and looked for another room hahaha!  Actually, I got shocked coz she was there early!  I wasn’t done with the decorating, so I din’t let them go in and closed the door 🙂     Then the bunny baker delivery was supposed to be at the venue by 6pm, but my MIL was already there and still no fondant cake which was supposed to be the centerpiece!  …Good thing MIL went to the bathroom, then when she came back, the cake was there. (note to self: always ask suppliers to deliver 1.5hrs in advance).

This also made my kids enjoy the dinner…and I quote “Mommy, I’m enjoying the party coz it looks so pretty!”.  That coming from my 3 year old 🙂   I’m nowhere near an event stylist but I enjoy doing these little things especially if it’s for people close to me.

Baclaran Day

One Wednesday afternoon, I drove for my in-laws to Baclaran coz their driver was out sick.  I used to go there once in a while.  But it’s been a year since I went.  Getting there wasn’t hard, just pass the way to the airport and go straight instead of turning left on Petron.  That road will lead you straight to Roxas Blvd.

What’s a bit of a challenge is near the church, lining up to get near the church and finding parking.  I was lucky that a car left a few minutes after we arrived.

There will be some men on the street who will assist you park or even look for slots for you, of course you have to give them a tip when you leave.


Here's what you'll find outside the church. A long driveway leading to the church. You'll see people from all walks of life.


Here's a view of the inside of the church. Since it's a HUGE church, they have LCD tv's all around for people to see what's happening at the altar. And there's another smaller structure at the side of the church where people can light and offer some candles.

Outside the gate of the church there are a lot of vendors of all sorts.  Accessories, clothes, slippers ,balloons, and even a small market.  There’s also Chowking, Goldilocks, and a couple more establishments beside the church in case you need to get a snack or go to the restroom.

Try visiting Baclaran to say Thanks or pray for someone or something.  It’s quite an experience.