Home-made Thin Crust Anchovy Pizza


For those who aren’t aware, it’s very simple to make pizza at home.  You don’t need a stone brick oven, nor do you need a big oven to cook some pizza.  Littlexperiences now shares how to get some yummy pizza on the table in minutes using a toaster oven.  We always like doing things while making it into a learning activity for the little ones.  As we always say, we learn from our Little Experiences…Read More »

Kids Carbonara

Kids Carbonara made with love

We always want something fast and easy to prepare for our kids especially for times when these little ones suddenly get hungry.  And feeding little rascals isn’t as easy as it seems.  They’re very picky.  So ones you know what they like to eat, better learn how to do it at home.  One of our favorite “go-to” meals is the classic carbonara.  It’s easy to make, fast to make, and kids can eat them anywhere.  It’s also a great option to take to school for lunch…Read More »

Loving Shangri-La Hotel’s Moon Cake

I’ve tried quite a few moon cakes in the past and this is the first time I’ve tried the one of Shangri-La Hotel.  I’m not really fond of moon cakes but after tasting this, it was something I’d go back for more.

Moon cake
For those who don’t know what a moon cake is or what it looks like, here it is.


They come in different boxes
What’s nice about the moon cake from Shangri-La Hotel is that they come in pretty boxes.  Moon cakes are normally meant to be given as gifts, hence the pretty packaging.
of your choice
They also have a variety of how many moon cakes  are in a box.
great as gifts
I’m just a sucker for pretty things that’s what made me buy and taste this. And I’m glad I did!
different sizes prices
Here are their different prices according to flavor and size.

So for next year’s moon cake festival, you know where to get your moon cakes! 🙂








Wheatgrass drink

While eating dinner at Mann Hann, I spotted a wheatgrass bottled drink on their counter.  Just for the experience, I ordered one and tried it out.  OH MYYY GOOOSH!!!    I’d leave the wheatgrass on the soil.  Couldn’t take it.  This wasn’t for me.  Couldn’t even describe the taste 😛

At least I gave it a try...
At least I gave it a try…but from the start till the end, my glass was still this full 😛